Zeltinger Hof Gasthaus des Rieslings

by Oct 22, 2016Germany, Mosel Valley, Where to Stay

Zeltingen-Rachtig | Mosel Valley | Germany

Zeltinger Hof is charming with much attention to all the details. Photo by Gloria J. Chang.

Locals know that when wine touring in the Mosel Valley, the historical heart of Riesling, you spend the day in Bernkastel when not visiting vineyards or wineries. But the night? There are other, better places and Zeltinger Hof tops our list. The Middle Mosel, the heart of the home of Riesling stretches about 40 kilometres along the winding Mosel River, and the hotel is located just a wee bit north of Bernkastel. Zeltinger Hof is a gorgeous, quiet place to stay with an excellent restaurant and a never-ending wine list and a wall of wine. Owner/Chef/Sommelier extraordinaire Markus Reis is passionate and talented. The hotel and restaurant truly is a labour of love. It was passed on to him from his father. The morning we had to reluctantly leave, delivery of locally hunted meat arrived. Mr. Reis also cures his own meat and the buffet breakfast is abundant, delicious, and fresh. Such a treat to stay here.


Slideshow photos by Gloria J. Chang.