What is a feature story wine tasting?

What is a feature story wine tasting?

We see our wine tastings as an extension of our wine journalism, backed up by our formal education in wine. That means we engage, enlighten, and entertain with accurate, up to date information as we lead you through a wine tasting around a wine region we’ve recently visited, pouring our recommendations. Think of it as an interactive magazine feature story where you can also sip and savour the wines.

What are the benefits of attending this type of tasting?

A memorable connection to the wines, the wine region, and the other participants who gather for this small sit-down tasting. You’ll learn lots, as if you were attending a master class on the wines, but in a social atmosphere that makes it fun and pleasurable. In short: you’ll learn, you’ll have fun, you’ll enjoy the wines.

What kind of wine knowledge will I need to attend?

None. We don’t use incomprehensible jargon. And we don’t dumb down either. Each feature wine tasting comes with an actual print/online feature story for you to enjoy before or after the tasting. All you need is a curiosity or love to learn and enjoy.

How many participants? How many wines? Which wines will be poured?

We find 12 is the ideal number of participants, but we can run them with as few people as eight to a maximum of 14. Count on six to eight wines, though we sometimes throw in a surprise as well. You’ll find that your palate will tire after six wines. A feature story wine tasting will create lasting taste memories with each wine, and the story behind each, so that you leave with the ability to make smarter wine choices.