“Pura Tierra is a search for South American flavours, with special emphasis on Argentina,” says Chef Martín Molteni. Photo by Gloria J. Chang.
Buenos Aires | Argentina

Maybe it was the cooking lesson and the wine tasting we had before dinner. That certainly added to the dinner experience, but I think you’ll really enjoy having dinner at Pura Tierra regardless. Beautiful ambience, beautiful food, and a really beautiful red we had with the steak (see slideshow photos below). I’ll leave the rest to chef Martin Molteni:

“PURATIERRA is a search for the South American flavors, with special emphasis on Argentina; details of pre Columbian cuisine, and many native indigenous products. But above all, it is the product of station, privileging the best meat on the market, and my world view, through a prehistoric firing, the clay oven, and its intense heat.”


Slideshow photos by Gloria J. Chang.