Here’s what I think wine is for:

“Wine is for pleasure, and sometimes, even joy.”

Here’s what folks have been saying about our small-group wine tastings and workshops this fall in Vancouver:

“Lots of fun. I really enjoyed this workshop and learned a lot.”
“Friendly, easy to follow. Right speed and detailed descriptions. Very educational.”
“Food pairing is awesome. I can tell the event was well-planned. (Favourite part was) Meeting friends.”
“Intimate and fun. Tasting rocks!”
“Very informative. Enjoyed tasting new varieties. I learned a lot about wines tonight. Helped me grasp an understanding for wines/pairing with food.”
“Enjoyed the informality.”
“Wonderfully informative. Excellent Host.”
“Engaging host.”

Here’s to many more. Cheers!


Gloria Chang, Journalist & Sommelier

Wine Adventures Magazine & Sommelier Services