Floreria Atlantico

by Dec 4, 2016Argentina, Buenos Aires, Where to Eat+Drink

Floreria Atlantico, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Is it a flower shop, a bar, or a restaurant? Photo by Gloria J. Chang.
Buenos Aires | Argentina

Is it a flower shop? A bar? Or a restaurant? It is, as it turns out, all three. Enter through Floreria Atlantico’s doors, and you wonder if you’re in the right place. Flowers in a rainbow of colours welcome you. Weren’t we going out for dinner? Then you notice the bottles of wine lining the walls. Are they perhaps going to bring the food in from somewhere to have with the wine? Nope. Instead, you are led down stairs that curl round on its descent, dark and increasingly loud with the music. A club? Are we going to a club? And then you see the tables. The bar. All the gorgeous food, the rush of energy, the bartenders mixing drinks with panache. The food is fresh (I had the fish), delicious, and unpretentious; the people friendly; and the ambiance – well, more like a hip bar than anything else. Fun. Not a place to enjoy wine in particular (though you can buy some to take home in the flower shop upstairs), but a place to unwind with friends, make new ones, and try out cocktails. Get the fish.


Slideshow photos by Gloria J. Chang.