When: Sunday, January 20, 5 to 7pm

Where: Madonna Room, Cibo Trattoria – 900 Seymour Street, Vancouver

What: Cabernet Sauvignon. Merlot. Cabernet Franc. Petit Verdot. Malbec.

Create scintillating taste memories as we sip through a flight of these beautiful reds, which make up the Red Bordeaux from France (‘Bordeaux Blends’ here in beautiful British Columbia, Meritage in the United States). By evening’s end, you’ll know what characteristics each grape variety brings to a Bordeaux, classic food pairings for each red wine, and most deliciously fun of all, how each grape variety tastes as a stand alone wine compared to the others.
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*This small group tasting (12 participants) will take place around a table in the beautiful Madonna Room of Cibo Trattoria in downtown Vancouver. *No refunds or credits as the wine and food is ordered and prepared in advance.

Host Bio

Gloria Chang is a WSET Certified wine lover and writer who believes that all good things start with delicious eats and drinks at the table. Here’s what folks have been saying about her tastings and culinary events: Praise and Kudos

Here’s the winner of 2012 Wine Spectator Video contest that will give you a head start on the differences between the Bordeaux “brothers” in a fabulously crafted story on Merlot.
A Brief History of Merlot