Corteinfiore Ristorante

by Jan 21, 2017Italy, Puglia, Trani, Where to Eat+Drink

Seafood is the specialty at Corteinfiore. Trust the owner and order the seafood starter or was it a main? Photo (not the best photo, we must admit) by Gloria J. Chang.

Trani | Puglia | Southern Italy

How much did I love this ristorante ? So much that I went back a second night and begged to be seated, even if warned that I’d have to wait. Reservations are most definitely recommended and I hadn’t made one that second night. I’d already eaten there the night before. Seafood is the specialty – we are in Trani after all – and you’ll see a table full of fresh fish, prawns, and lagostines over ice when you walk in and see it empty at the end of the evening when you walk out. I fell in love with everything here.

Slideshow photos by Gloria J. Chang.