Castello di Meleto

by Nov 12, 2016Chianti Classico, Italy, Tuscany, Where to Stay

Chianti Classico | Tuscany | Italy

The gardens behind the castle at Castello di Meleto in Chianti Classico, Tuscany. Photo by Gloria J. Chang.

Ah, Tuscany! You probably already know the sensual pleasures of this beautiful region in central Italy and many others have written plenty about its charms. In terms of wine, you likely also know that the grape Sangiovese reigns supreme here and that the wine it produces, Chianti, can come in a wide range of quality. Chianti Classico is the heartland of Chianti and provides the best example of this light-coloured red wine naturally high in acidity with firm tannins and herbal notes. And it’s here, where you’ll find Castello di Meleto, a 13th century castle this is being restored little by little. Here, you’ll find a winery that produces some beautiful Chianti, a patio where you can enjoy them, and a wine shop where you can purchase them. At the bottom of the hill on which the castle sits, is a very good restaurant also owned by the group that now runs Castello di Meleo called Ristorante Fornace di Meleto. There is, of course, the place to stay – apartments or B&Bs – high amongst the rural hills, covered in vineyards and olive trees. It’s Tuscany infused with both its history and all its pleasures.

I don’t know if my photos do this place justice, but you can also visit their website:

Slideshow photos by Gloria J. Chang.