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Barda Pinot Noir 2013Barda Pinot Noir 2013

It can be hard to do an adequate review when you get only a taste to fully describe a wine, but a sip was all it took for me to know. This wine was one I’d want to sip again. And again. It was the most expensive of the wines I poured recently at an Argentina tasting, but when compared to other Pinot Noirs of similar quality, it’s very reasonably priced at $39. This is a new world wine in origin and new-ish world in style – fruity enough to be pleasurable, but with enough restraint to be elegant. Expect perfumed aromas of strawberry, raspberry, and flowers, with a saline, slightly meaty savouriness. An absolute pleasure to sip!

The Story Behind the Sip

Bodega Chacra, located in the Rio Negro Valley of Patagonia, is the producer of this beautiful wine. You don’t normally think Pinot Noir when you turn to Argentina, but Patagonia – with its cooler climate at a lower latitude than the rest of Argentina – is producing some beautiful wines with a savoury salinity in Pinot Noir and Merlot (yes! merlot). The Barda is the third of three Pinot Noirs made by Bodega Chacra and means “the ridge”.

Where to find it: At private liquor stores here in BC, including Legacy Liquor Store.

When to drink it: 2015 to 2019


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